play to the room.....because those musicians are hurting our ears!

Hey I hope your days is going well. Have you ever seen a live band where it was just toooo fucking loud. Yeah I like my Rock music loud, but is there such a thing as too loud? Well….I at least think so.

There was this one time where I went to a local club here called The Mint. The band had 1 guitar player and 1 bass player, and 1 drummer. This drummer used to play drums for Porno for Pyros. All heavy rock, no singing. Cool I’m down with that. In fact the music wasn’t really that bad….they had a good groove going on.

And yet after about 10-15 minutes I’d had enough. They were way louder than the previous band who was already loud. Now wait….I like my music loud. But what was going on that I just had to shrug my shoulders and leave.

I hung outside for a bit and started talking to some dude who also didn’t want to be inside. He told me that the problem with the band is that the drummer, who is probably used to playing in big arenas and stadiums, is still playing like he is in a stadium. He is beating the crap out of the drums and doesn’t seem to realize he is in a smaller venue.

Ohhhhhhhh… made sense. He is blasting away and therefore the guitar players are pushing the volume of their full stacks up higher and higher. It was so loud that it was just fatiguing and kinda dull.

So sometimes bands/musicians really need to play to the room. If its a tiny little club, there’s no need to bash hard on the drums because it just won’t sound right in a tiny room. Same with guitars……if you have a full stack and crank it up in a small place….it just doesn’t translate as well. Crank it up in a stadium and things translate much better.

I mean…..imagine a bass player up on stage pointing to someone in the audience who is really far away as if they are playing a large arena…..yet there is only a crowd of 20 people in a tiny club. Yeah I’ve seen that and doesn’t translate well.

This doesn’t mean Rock music should be soft….it means the band needs to play to the room. If you can’t figure out why a band just doesn’t sound good even though they are playing loud rock….its because they don’t understand they need to play and perform to the room.