Love those out of this world sounds from the past.....learn to use a mixing board

I have an infinite amount of sonic territory to cover because I know how to use a mixing board. I just find these boards so fascinating as tools.

Look man…. most guitar players who are looking to create cool new sounds need to know how to use mixing boards. Here is why its so important:

You will have a better understanding of line level and instrument level signals.

You will understand a VERY important concept of Gain Staging (VERRRRY IMPORTANT)

You’ll have a better idea of stereo vs mono

You will know how to put effects in serial, parallel, and both serial and parallel at the same time.

You’ll know how to use EQ to sculpt nice sounds.

And you’ll know how the majority of today’s latest guitar pedal tools aren’t really that good nor innovative. Still at least with knowing how to use a mixing board, you will know how to use todays latest products to get the best sounds you want.

Seriously…..back in the day, the engineers knew how to gain stage and use their gear to create awesome new sounds.

Even with today’s pedal madness, you can use pedals with a mixing board to create some amazing sounds provided you gain stage correctly and know how to creatively route effects.

I’ll give you an example:

Use a cheap simple digital delay pedal like a Boss DD-3 pedal. Rather than use Feedback on the pedal, use the mixer to feed the output of the pedal back in on itself. But use the mixing boards EQ to sculpt the feedback repeats to your liking. Suddenly your digital delay pedal has a bit more of an analog sound to it.

We’re barely scratching surface here.

Learn to use a mixing board. You’ll never regret it!