Making music like they used to......RUSH!

I was watching a “Reaction” video on Youtube of a couple of guys listening to La Villa Strangiato(from Rush) for the first time. Note: This is one of my favorite songs from Rush.

Of course it was joyful to watch these guys listen in awe at the quality of the music and the numerous surprises in the song. I sat and listened…..and it just struck me how very few musicians/bands make music like this anymore. And what I mean is that Rush sounds so cohesive… one unit making some fantastic music.

Today’s rock…even Prog-Rock, sounds so disjointed…..along with tones which are boring and predictable at best.

Even if you don’t listen to Rush……and absolutely love today’s Pop Music hits……you would still listen to this song and have to admit that these guys are really good and made some terrific music even if its not your thing. Its hard to ignore GOOD.

Thanks Neil, Alex, & Geddy!