Get your act together, Lexicon, Eventide, Korg, Roland all did it better than you.

As I look at the good digital products of yesterday, I’m just completely stunned at the amount of options and tweaking available back then. I mean a digital delay with a Send and Return to allow you to insert another effect in the feedback loop. Geez…….that was the 80’s.

Only a couple of today’s products do that and nowadays people are looking at that like….whoa! That’s cool. HELLOOOOOOO! This is a 30+ year old idea.

Well known guitarist Scott Henderson uses an old Boss Se-70 half rack unit for his live rig. I decided to look it up. I was stunned to see all of the possibilities in that little old box. Things that 99% of today’s pedals can’t even come close to doing. Maybe the Axe-FX, which is not a pedal, can do it. Good on them.

Seriously…..if you are a music maker today and you are drooling over the latest and greatest products… yourself some money at look at yesterday’s products. They truly did it much better than today’s manufacturers.