FINALLY! Someone noticed that today's manufacturers of music gear rarely innovate

Just last week a new piece of music gear called, “Wetter” was introduced. Nicely made video showed off the product, and of course a handful of “influencers” also had vids showing how to use this product. For that day it was THE thing.

I respect the maker of the pedal as he does indeed have good insight into gear and how to properly connect it all together.

I read about the product on the website……..ummm…..that’s it? Disappointed but not surprised. There are other products like this one…..and some were even released years ago. The only innovation was a big knob.

Yup…..a big knob so you could dial in your sound just right. Again there are other products which will do what yours is doing……but they don’t have a big knob like yours.

Ugghhhh…….I thought, “Is this how it is? Putting in a big knob is the big innovation?”

Fortunately I wasn’t the only one who noticed. There were a handful of people on gear forums who also wondered what the big deal was. Of course the majority salivated over it…….it is new after all.

Though I don’t love gear forums, it was relieving to see a small few realize this new product was kind of…….well lame.

Over time I really hope more consumers see how an “innovation” of a knob is not worth $250.