The case of the smoking Electrician.....or....things are not what they seem.

On Monday mornings I teach music at a small private school. Right next door a new apartment complex is being built. They are in the middle of building the third floor.

Today I looked up at the Electrician who was busy putting up junction boxes, measuring cable, cutting it, installing it. But I also noticed he was smoking up a storm while doing it.

Mind you the drywall is not put up yet. Its just the wooden frame up right now with the studs. So he is busy puffing away, and I suspect he will be smoking the whole time he is doing his job.

And I thought about it…….his cigarette smoke will be getting into the the studs, the frame of this building before any drywall is even put up. And if this is so, will someone living in the apartment smell this smoke even though it may be faint?

And even though it will be a brand new apartment building, someone has been smoking inside of it. How about if you go move into a brand new built house? Does that mean that no one has been smoking in it?

Things aren’t what they seem on the outside. You move into a non-smoking brand new apartment. And even if every new tenant doesn’t smoke……yep someone has still been smoking. And if the smell of smoke bothers you, it won’t matter how you disinfect nor clean the place. Its embedded in the frame, the studs of the building. But you wouldn’t know that because you never saw the smoking electrician.

Note: I don’t know if the electrician is allowed to smoke while he is busy working. Even if there is some sort of code violation to smoking, it doesn’t matter. He’s already been smoking. Even if he were to get fired for it, the developer or foreman isn’t going to tear down the whole structure and start over.

In most things in life……..beware the smoking electrician…….unless you love the smell of cigarette smoke.