Are the "Original" artists you love truly Original?

I guess this depends on your definition of Original.

When I was much younger I used to think true originality had no influences. You came up with stuff that doesn’t sound at all like anyone before you.

But actually meeting people whose work inspires me and reading lots and lots of interviews from artists who inspire me……….well…..every single one has an influence. Someone who else who inspired them to pick up the guitar.

When I first listened to Metallica back in the 80s it was like nothing else. Years later I listened to Diamond Head. Whoa…..Metallica sounded a lot like Diamond Head. Of course……Diamond Head was a huuuuuuge influence on Metallica.

In music school I listened to a lot of Albert King. Transcribed and learned his solos. Years later I really listened to SRV…….Holy Moly……you can hear that influence of Albert King.

The examples are plenty……and truth be told music would sound weird if it was truly original in that the artist had absolutely no influences. That would literally mean they neither liked any music they heard or they have never ever heard music in their life so as to no influence them.

Not only would that be weird…..but what a depressing thought. Spending life neither listening to nor enjoying music. Yikes.

Who are some of your favorites bands/artists. Who were their influences?