"....and it doesn't sound very Spotify"

Ohhh boy. Apparently this is a comment from a major record label executive.

Whether an executive actually typed that in an e-mail to an up and coming artist about their music or not…..I can tell you by experience that that is how they feel.

New music must be something playable on today’s hottest Spotify Playlists.

Yes that is how the most of the music business work. And sadly a ton of very young artists sit, write, and create thinking about landing on hot Playlists on Spotify.

So let’s see……we are now in an age where musicians and music artists must create music geared to how a corporation has written its algorithms in order to get plays and be put on major Playlists. Which are actually curated by humans……but these humans are wined and dined by major labels.

Then that settles that. For real art and new music you, the reader, will probably like…..it won’t be something on Spotify’s top Playlist. It won’t be something you discover on Spotify.

If you do connect with new bands or artists and you really like what they’re doing……connect and support them as best you can. Because believe me they are being ignored by this bigger music business.