Why everyone should learn how to code pt. 2.....Remember Y2K

Remember how the hysteria was drummed up again and again and again up to NYE 1999?

I am not a computer programmer for a living, but I did a decent amount when I was younger and a good amount in college. In fact I was working as an Engineer at the time of Y2K.

And of course there were customers who were concerned that our units were susceptible to Y2K. And many of us just shook our heads the whole year at what was being reported by media and the internet at the time.

Because we had some experience with coding and how simple hardware works we knew one thing when it came to Y2K…… “That’s not how it works!”

In other words many of us knew the whole Y2K thing was complete bullshit and that the world wouldn’t end. But this had to do with a knowledge of computers and coding. Even if all you had was a very simple knowledge of coding, you would have known that the whole things was BS.

Yes I encourage you to learn coding. You don’t have to be an expert, but at least you will know when someone is putting you on or worse……driving you into hysteria by preying on your fears.

And you might even see the beauty in what truly creative people are doing with coding.

I may be a musician, but I am truly excited by what people are creating with computer code. Its truly amazing.

Oh…..think you are too old to learn about this sort of stuff? Read the next blog post……about a senior citizen who was the head of IT.