Guitar Improvisation....what I'm learning.....

As many of you know, I put up a fair amount of videos where I improvise to a backing track.

And I gotta tell ya, I love the mistakes as much as I love the successes. I can freely explore some new sonic territory and find out what honest music comes up in the moment.


These backing tracks, which I get from Youtube, go on and on and one and are very repetitive. Rarely are there dynamics in the playing, and rarely are their accents or fills carrying you into a next section and so forth.

And in that respect I find improvisation boring. And this makes sense…..because I’m not playing with other musicians. Real people breathe with the music, and good drummers have good dynamics. And we can play off each other and in the moment.

And that’s where the fun in music truly starts. With the people making the music.

Not to mention that I love actual songs. The improv vids I do aren’t actual songs, but simple jam tracks. I much prefer playing real songs with opportunities for improvisation peppered in.

So yes……I’m glad I can improvise again and again to really build up this skill of music making, but I’d really rather do it with other people rather than backing tracks.

I’m Working on it.