Once again.....the modern music industry has its head up its ass...

Back to Don Randi last Saturday night.

The majority of the songs were instrumental, lots of improvisation, with some short breaks as Don introduced the band members and told some stories.

After about an hour, and so far there had been no singing, I decided to just look around the room at the audience.


Out of 50 people in the room, 1 person was looking at their phone. Everybody was watching & listening to the band and grooving along.

How many local musicians/artists would like to fill a small room in LA with 50 people who aren’t their best friends & family? And how many of these local musicians/artists want an audience that listens and grooves along to every song rather than be on their phone most of the time???

Answer: Every single one.

Yet this performance by Don Randi is against everything the industry tells you. He doesn’t have the massive online following, there wasn’t any singing (thereby no display of crafty & brilliant lyric writing in order to achieve Hot Spofify list placement), and there was extended improvisation rather than perfectly practiced songs to sound exactly like a recording.

There wasn’t some rehearsed talk in between songs nor was there a huge stage presence of dancing and interacting with crowd like Pop Stars are supposed to.

The Modern Music industry is interested in Pop music(and its sub genres) and fame seekers. Anything else, except Hip Hop/R&B is not even worthy of looking into.

Granted Don Randi doesn’t need the modern music industry, but I found it interesting to see the polar opposite of the music business advice I receive.

Truth is……music business consultants and industry leaders really don’t know what they’re talking about.

You know who does? The people who aren’t in the business and like music. That’s who truly understands.