Welcome to the era of the Mooch!

Know what a mooch is? Here is a simple definition from Google:

Mooch (verb): ask for or obtain something without paying for it.

Mooch (Noun): beggar or scrounger

I think you know someone like this, yeah? I used to know a guy who would go to parties, stay all day to mooch food and rather than go home when the party is over……well he stays….because he knows the hosts will eventually have to eat as well and they will include him in dinner.

The last few years I’ve seen this on Social Media. People I know begging for things and giving nothing in return. For example a friend who doesn’t have Showtime and won’t pay for it…..yet begging on Social media for someone to give them their password & account so they can watch the latest show.

Another friend who poked around on Social Media begging for someone to give her and her boyfriend an “in” to an exclusive Magic Club…..and do it for Free….because…..well we’re friends.

And then there is today. Where a friend posted on Social Media that she wants to know if someone has a hookup to an exclusive event in Hollywood. Someone who can get her in for just one night only…..ever. She’ll never ask again, just this one time.

What gets me is the gall of people. People who feel that its all good to beg and get freebies and never pay for anything. This notion that someone should give them something for free. How often have they reached out to a friend and offered them something for free? Probably never.

Its different when things are mutual between friends. If I refer clients to a friend so he gets some business, then its fine if I ask him to get me into an exclusive club.

If someone is going to blast everybody on their Social Media hoping to get a bite and get something for free, then at the very least spend three and a half bucks and get a thank you card and write a heartfelt message of thanks to the person who did that favor.

No one likes mooches. Stop mooching!