Perfect is boring. Perfect is not Art

Yes quite regularly I see videos of people making music “perfectly”. Meaning they are playing a well known song or solo and it sounds exactly like the original recording.  

And if you read people’s comments, there is lots of praise for this perfection.  

Yet if you enough about recording and producing recordings of music you also know that these “perfect” players are cheating.  

They have the original recording of the song playing while they move their fingers through the fretboard in time with the music. Sometimes I don’t actually hear their guitar so it’s the same as Lip Syncing. 

The other trick is that they are actually playing guitar, but they don’t quite have it down. So they have their guitar part a little lower in volume than the original recording. This way any mistakes or imperfections are masked.  

This is quite regular on the internet. This isn’t art, it’s not interesting, and most importantly it’s just fake. They are the Milli Vanilli of guitar.  

I prefer to be real & what you hear and see is really me in that very moment making real music. And doing it imperfectly.  


Because perfect is boring. Perfect is not art.