Meetings meeting meetings!! Why do bosses/leaders love meetings?

Years ago I was listening to a marketing guru who said, “I don’t do meetings, don’t bother asking me to a meeting!”

In this case he’s referring to standard corporate meetings. ugggghhhh, yeah I hate these too.

When I was an employee I liked meetings only because it was a legitimate excuse to NOT do a job I hated. It was okay if I was behind on my work……because….I was at THE meeting.

So why do bosses and supervisors and leaders love meetings? Even worse is when they say the meeting is mandatory….all must attend.

Really….with so many efficient ways to communicate what is so important that you need everyone to stop and attend this meeting. What is it you have to say that can only be done in a meeting.

My guess is that bosses love to hear themselves speak. And subconsciously they love the power over underlings. They love looking at their employees listening up at them.

I am going through this right now as an independent contractor. I teach music independently yet the people who are my clients insist I attend meetings. Even worse……they expect I attend meetings for little to no pay. Seriously…..what important information do you need to share on a Saturday at 9am that I need to drive over and attend…..and then fight traffic on the way back home afterwards.

The answer is always the same….Nothing….

Meetings……one of the biggest timewasters ever created.

P.S. before you get on me on the exceptions……yes of course there are rare times where there must be a meeting…..for example when the issue is safety, and things need to be seen visually. For example pointing out a part in a product where you could get electrocuted. That is different than a boss blowing on and on about company policies, procedures, and updates, etc etc.