Happy Independence Day!!!!! Yes I'll probably get shit for stating the obvious.....

Here in the US we will celebrate our Independence from British Rule.

As a child this holiday just meant one thing….FIREWORKS!!! :)

But I’ve come to appreciate something, there is still lots of opportunity to innovate and improve your life here in the US. I appreciate this very platform where you are reading this. The freedom to publish this blog without an authority figure approving it and allowing it to be distributed. This would not have been possible when I was a kid.

In today’s world its definitely hip & cool to be negative, and of course people will try to one up each other on how cool they are by thinking of today as no reason to celebrate as the United States is a horrible entity.

Well I choose to look at things differently, and fully understand and see the endless possibilities in front of me if I so choose. Rather than complaining, I dive in and make music, and talk to many amazing people all over the world here on this very platform. And guess what….its mostly positive.

In short, take time to appreciate the many many good things we have here in the US. Its not all perfect, but its really really good. Yes I believe in positivity.

But if you prefer to be pessimistic and “realistic”, don’t worry……you will find your kind right here on this very platform. As they say, misery loves company. Now doesn’t that make you feel just a little bit better?