Playing music is just like writing a book.....

I was looking at some old files and found this treasure of a quote. I can’t remember where I got this, but thought I’d share it with you because its soooooo good!

“Playing music is akin to writing a book: it is not a prerequisite to use all the difficult words of the dictionary to tell an interesting story. What's more important is to use the right words to hold the attention of the reader; and use the appropriate words that will convey the message, mood, emotions and visuals that the author would like the reader to experience. Having said that, the broader your vocabulary the easier it will be to capture the right emotions and visuals.“

I feel that people who play an instrument as a hobby think they have to live up to using very complicated phrases and music theory in order to make music.

But as the quote above tells us, its more a matter of using the right words. And the right words in music may be just one note…..or just one chord.

Of course over time & if you really care, your vocabulary becomes broader with more choices on how to express yourself.

Making it more complicated doesn’t make it better…..and unless you really know what you’re doing, more complications sound like gibberish which no one really absorbs or enjoys.

Its simple…..just convey your message, whatever it is, and mean it.

NOTE: This takes time, but its certainly a worthy goal no matter your level as a music maker.