Guitar players don't know a poser, but a live music audience does.

Scrolling through Instagram I saw an ad for a Blues Guitar System based on using a “Heatmap” of where to put your fingers. Alrighty……whatever.

So the guy doing the ad plays along to a backing track and plays some licks. It wasn’t bad, lots of shredding notes, but his vibrato just wasn’t really there. Its the kind of vibrato which shredders do……the kind of vibrato which has no emotion, but the string is moving.

I read the comments on the ad and all of these guys were saying stuff like, “cool playing bro” and “yeah this heatmap really helped me focus.”

I mean…..clearly this little instructional package is for guitar players and not for an audience of people who like music.

Cool……and although other guitar players can’t tell the difference between someone who plays the blues by using a system rather than by loving and sweating out the emotions from great players of the past…….a live audience will notice the difference.

They will pay for the real raw emotion from music and specifally the blues, and not for the constant finger gymnastics showing off a “Heatmap System” of mechanics.