The cold hard truth of being a "Natural" at something.

You still have to work your ass off. There, that is the cold hard truth.

Man, do you remember as a kid that there were others who were just naturally “gifted” at something? At that you shouldn’t bother pursuing something extraordinary or exciting unless you already had a “gift”?

As I’ve gotten older, and been around “gifted” people, I’ve learned the cold hard truth.

Even people who are a “natural” or have a “gift” have to work their ass off in order to make a living doing that one thing. The ones who don’t think they need to work their ass off because they take their talent for granted end up doing something else for a living and always looking in the rearview mirror at their past.

But here is the good news. If you are not a “natural” at something….well….you have to work your ass off. YES! This means you can do that one thing you are passionate about even if you don’t have a “gift” for it. You just have to work your ass off and pursue with a passion you never knew existed in you.

In today’s modern society who cares if someone is a “natural”. That doesn’t mean much on its face. The question is what are they going to do about it. Take it for granted and eventually make a living doing a job they don’t like, or go for it with gusto and build upon it year after year.

Secret: Most won’t pursue it.

Secret: Every person sucked at what they do at one time or another.

I suppose what I’m ultimately saying is, “Embrace the suck!”