Embrace the Suck.....

I mentioned before how everyone sucks when they first try something.

If we were really more honest with what we see out in the world, we would see that even people who are a “natural” at something weren’t exactly that good when they first started. But probably better than some others.

Look…….every single person who has picked up the guitar for the very first time absolutely stunk at it. YES EVERY SINGLE ONE. But the ones who continued to become some of the greatest players all knew how to Embrace the Suck!

I got this term from a professional athlete. You would think someone who makes a living being fit wouldn’t have a problem when competing. But he knows what happens when he is about 18 miles or so into a marathon. Self doubt and pain creeps in. He straight up says it hurts! Rather than let it bring him down, he deals with it. He doesn’t ignore it or try to push it from his mind. Rather he waits for these awful feelings to show up……and when they do he embraces it. He knows it won’t go away, so its best just to embrace it…..almost like letting himself and these feelings do a little dance.

He calls this Embrace the Suck.

I’ve learned to do so when I work out, and when I make music. I know the self doubt will creep in at some point. I also know there will be points where I am not playing as good as I would like.

I’ve come to terms with this kind of Suck. I don’t ignore it nor try to push it away. Rather, I recognize it and say, “Oh there you are!” We’ve met many many times, so its not a stranger. Nope…..instead I Embrace the Suck.

No matter who you are, it will be there. You should………

Embrace the Suck!!!