Traveling with music

Nah, I don’t mean taking a trip somewhere and bringing along music. Nor do I mean going somewhere and listening to the local music.

I’m talking about letting music take you on a trip somewhere. I must admit I had some fantastic teachers in music school. I remember one of them telling us how using chord changes in music, the listener has gone traveling by leaving home. They go off on their journey and then eventually return home.

So indeed most music for the last few decades has been this way. Writing a song with just one chord is not really taking the listener anywhere, they are just sitting in one spot. Home.

So as I listen to a lot of new music nowadays, I’ve noticed that many songwriters & producers don’t really have chord changes. They pretty much sit on one chord, or no chord really, and go through a whole song like that.

Writing a song with no chord changes is usually a sign of people who write their first few songs.

But now major songs on hot Spotify Playlists rarely use chord changes.

In other words, they are no longer taking us, the listeners, on a trip somewhere. We get to sit in one place with mindnumbing music.

I like using chord changes in my music, even if its just 3 chords. Its amazing all of the feelings & different directions one can go.

So if you listen to today’s latest and greatest and wonder why the songs sucks so bad? One reason is probably because the producers stopped taking you on a wonderful journey.

That’s too bad.