My old piece of hardware......and its so inspirational

For my latest EP, I wrote parts using my old Yamaha QY100. I created a lot of the sound textures with that QY100 too.

The QY is about 20 years old, and that being the case it means its quite limited in what it can do compared to today’s music making software.

But a couple of days ago I was creating sounds which I could use in rehearsal. I dug in really deep with the QY and made some fascinating & lively instrument sounds. I learned a few things that the QY could do which I had never known.

I went at this for hours….completely engrossed by what I was doing. Yes I do mean hours. I even skimped on my guitar practice time because I was so focused and engaged.

Later that time before bed, I realized I am never that engrossed when I use computer software to compose.

The limitless amounts of choices by using computers for music making almost makes one stagnant if not bored by the music making process.

But geez the opposite was happening with the QY100. I was completely inspired and in the moment. And isn’t that what Art and creating should be about rather than a chore?

In fact while I’m writing this, I’m just now thinking about going back and making more music with my old QY.

I’m a total tech nerd, and I love what computers can do. But man there is something about these ingenious old pieces of hardware that just force you to work hard, get inspired, and create good shit.