The old fashioned way of making music......

The songs we love the most have chord changes & different section which provide tension & release in the music as well as take us on a journey.

Well……most of us love this. Even Classical music did this, though the chords were sometimes implied more than simply played outright with a piano as accompaniment.

With that in mind, I was reading an article about a 20 year old music sequencer called the QY700. This is the bigger brother to the QY100 which I have.

The author talked about how the QY700 was really geared toward writing songs rather than just sequencing up tone generators/synthesizers. Although you could do that if you wanted.

Whereas today’s music products, including computer software, aren’t geared toward writing songs. Most are just blank canvases to create whatever you want with nearly zero limitations. In most cases there is no structure other than you must have electricity.

Sounds like utopia, huh? Then why is so much music made today so uninspiring & lifeless?

I completely dig that this old QY700 was geared toward writing songs. This means it has some creative limitations. You can’t do everything with it.

YES! This is good! It really focuses the user to write good songs rather than patch together tech geek sounds which other producers & engineers will talk about. The user is kind of nudged into making a song with chord changes and different sections.

The old fashioned way of making music had chord changes, sections with tension & release which took the listener on a journey. Today’s music products don’t nudge the user to do that. In fact today’s music can be made without breaking a sweat. Just point & click.

Even the latest hardware music products are geared toward creating interesting and unique sounds rather than composing songs.

But you know what…..we listeners notice the lack of sweat, hard work, & passion put in by pointing & clicking. Its noticeable. You’ve noticed it, yeah?