How shredding guitar players lack the necessary emotion, & how the old timers get right.

Attention music lovers: Vibrato is insanely important when it comes to guitar playing.

If you don’t know, vibrato is a slight change in pitch up & down in a rhythmic motion. When done right, it is very expressive & emotional.

So last night I was at a local show and my friend’s bands were playing.

I couldn’t help but notice that their guitar players tended to shred lots of notes & played notes & patterns which were very random……or in their world…….they played stuff which was very “Prog”.

But on the rare instances where they included vibrato, it was very non expressive and just there almost unnoticeable.

Over the years I’ve noticed this on a lot of players who shred. They prioritize finger gymnastics over a proper vibrato. I love a fast licks too, but when a player ends a line with a weak vibrato, its like building something up and then pulling the rug out.

If you are not a musician, give a listen to vibrato. Singers do it, guitarists, violin players, nearly all musicians. A good vibrato really gets into your soul.

If you are a guitar player… listen to SRV….its not just note choices or fancy patterns…..listen to that vibrato….holy moly. Fine…SRV not cool enough….how about Marty Friedman. One the biggest “Shred” guys ever. Listen to his vibrato. He manages to shred away and yet still have a lot of emotion in his playing. And when he lets that vibrato keep going and going……Holy Hell…..its no wonder he is regarded as one of the best.

Stop ignoring poor vibrato, use it and abuse it for real. The audience will thank you and fall in love with you.