A true Artist.......Jerry Seinfeld.

Even if you didn’t like his show, Seinfeld, or even if you loved it……..there is something quite fascinating about this guy.

Late last year I watched an autobiography/standup routine of Jerry Seinfeld on Netflix. The autobiography part was cool, but it was the stand up which blew my mind!

It was very funny, and yet there was no profanity. In fact it was very clean. So clean it was ridiculously refreshing. And never once did he mention his show. He never once mentioned his costars on the show either.

He just did Stand Up! And it was good.

A couple of months ago I went to Las Vegas and my fiancee bought us tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld at Caesar’s Palace.

Ok……it was realllllly funny. On a scale of 1-10, I gave it a 10…..maybe a 9 if I’m being nitpicky. The audience absolutely loved it, and there were so many people laughing and saying things like….”Oh that’s so true!”

And all the while I noticed how he again never mentions the show. Never mentioned his costars. In fact if you didn’t know any better, you would say that he never had an iconic hit Sitcom.

Lastly on Netflix there is a standup routine by Seinfeld which was made a few short months after his show ended. I mean surely he’ll mention the show….yeah?

He did the whole standup never once mentioning the show nor his costars. Almost zero profanity….and even when he talked about sex it was still verrry clean & very funny.

Whether you liked his show or not, You have to give it to him. He doesn’t rely on his old show for applause and attention. He doesn’t follow the modern trends in standup comedy nowadays. He continues to write new material and just gets up there to do the thing he loves doing the most. Standup!

Its incredible…..a true artist. He still writes new material, travels and does what he does best.

Go check out his Standup Routines on Netflix. Please go pay the money to see him Live if you can. Its a rarity to see someone display his true art form.