Warning: Tech speak on using Midi over Ethernet

Well for the first time, I used Midi over an ethernet cable. OMG…..this is brilliant and has been around for about a decade. But hardly anyone ever uses it or talks about it.

Perhaps no one talks about it because its so geeky. :)

But I have a Midi interface to connect some of my old rack gear & synths over midi. I usually use a USB connection because its simple and just works. The Midi interface has 4 Midi DIN I/Os. I could create some midi on my computer and then route it all out to my Bass Station, my Moog, and my trusty QY100 through regular old midi cable.

Cool, this works fine. But what about Live usage???

Ohhhhhhhh, this is where Ethernet is brilliant.

See my laptop has two USB ports. One is for a thumbdrive to hold backing track files, the other is for the audio interface so my backing tracks can go out to a drummer and to the Front of House.

But I also want the computer to control my synths as well as my guitar rig which can all be controlled by Midi.

Wait…..I have no more USB ports. I’d have to bring a USB hub to connect.

I used Ethernet instead. I connected an ethernet cable from my laptop to my midi interface. Put the midi interface by my gear and ran shorter midi cables to my guitar gear and synths.

I don’t have to run tons of midi cable all over the floor from the laptop to my gear.

In fact the laptop can be quite far away as Ethernet runs up to about 300 feet. Plus Ethernet cable is durable and really cheap.

For home use in your small studio, Midi over Ethernet may not matter.

But for Live use, its awesome. I highly recommend it, and I wish more products would have ethernet connections rather than USB or standard midi.

Really….its quite easy to setup.

Note: USB can go about 10 feet before it won’t work that well. Realize USB was meant for short distances. Ethernet was made for long distances.