Which do you prefer...Art Form over Social Media or Social Media over Art Form

Yesterday I read an interesting article about an Electronic music duo. I found them because I was Googling about an old sequencer from the 90s.

As I was reading how they used this sequencer, one of the duo talked about being on a small record label. And he talked about how its a good idea for a small act like them to be on a label. This way they can work on their music & their craft, and the label can work on the promotion & marketing.

He also mentioned that its weird that musicians/artists nowadays spend 5 hours a day on Facebook etc, and 1 hour on their music. It should be the other way around.

As you know I keep talking about the Art Form of Guitar and how so very few people are interested in Guitar as an Art Form. Of course this means the guitar player spends a lot of time practicing, writing, and doing whatever they can to express themselves the most through the instrument. And they continue to do so year after year after year. It just is.

And as you also know, I post content every single day. It means a lot to keep you engaged with what I am doing as Saint Luminus. This means producing videos like my 3Days of Improvisation videos. But shooting, editing, and putting the videos out there on Social Media is very time consuming.

Finding guitars, info and pics of our Universe, & other infamous guitar players to share on Social Media is very time consuming. I mean…..I can’t just share any old thing. I want to share something meaninful, not just any old crap I can retweet or share.

All of this being said, I have a question for YOU about music nowadays. Is it better for musicians/artists to spend a lot of time on Social Media, delivering content, interacting with you a regular basis, but their music & skill level is ok, they don’t release a lot of new music, nor do a lot of live playing, but the amount of content they deliver through the internet is constant and numerous?

Or…..Is it better that they are reallllly good at what they do, they release new music quite regularly, really know how to put on a live show, constantly write & practice…..and it shows…….but they don’t put out too much internet content because they are constantly and busily working hard on their craft to deliver the best they can through their instrument and songs?

I’d love to know what you think about this, send me an e-mail or let me know on Twitter, FB, Insta….etc.